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MediasKool’s  provides  21st-century learning to help you, whether at an individual, professional or business level to enhance the digital skills you may need. If it is not you, it could be your children (they definitely don’t know everything), your parents, your grandparents.

Digital literacy learning involves a number of skills. These skills should not be confused with computer(laptop or desktop) literacy skills, e.g. ECDL.  You could look at it as connecting the dots.  The dots of “know how” that will empower you in a world where technology changes faster than ever before; where nobody is too sure where we are heading, and where children seem to be suffering some of the side effects of these fast changes.  It is really important that you get in control of what needs to be done or undone( this is probably more difficult).  Now!

Our vision is to facilitate the learning/coaching or training you are looking for when using some of the 21st-century digital technologies.  In our one to one service, we encourage you to bring your own device (BYOD). This could be a smartphone, tablet or iPad or a laptop.  We offer a 30 min free assessment to learn about you and tailor the teaching to your needs.  Do you think this is not for you or your family? Please, think again.

We also offer children workshops in the holiday periods.  Check it out here.

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